Saturday, March 26, 2011

Silver Falls Hike

After weekend after weekend of being inside since
my surgery I decided it was time for me to push my luck and try a hike just under 3 weeks after my surgery. It was rainy all weekend so Emily and I decided to put on our rain gear and head to nearby Silver Falls State Park about 40 minutes north of us to check out the waterfalls under high flow conditions. We ended up doing the 2 mile loop to Lower South Falls then back along the ridge trail. My leg was strong climbing but even the slightest slope downhill was pretty painful. By the time I was done with the hike it felt like I had done 15 miles of backpacking! But at least I was able to do it. Technically, I should be just coming off crutches right now! On the way home Emily and stopped for dinner to try out Bo Macks BBQ in Albany which was fantastic. They had really awesome corn bread and our pulled pork sandwiches were great! When we got home we found out that Kevin and his visiting parents and sister had actually done the same exact hike in Silver Falls and were probably just minutes behind or ahead of us on the trail. That night I went with Emily to her soccer game early for a few drinks with the team that I wish I could still play for. At least I could cheer loudly. My knee is still stiff but I’m working hard to walk without a limp. I’ll get there eventually!

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