Friday, April 15, 2011

Blake's Defense & Friends Leaving Crazy Night

Tonight Emily and I met up with Kevin and his entire fisheries department at Squirrels who were all celebrating Blake’s successful defense as well as a going away party for both Adam StSaviour and Nick Hatch who are both moving to Alaska. Many of the Watershed crew were there too. After a few drinks there I could tell Kev was on his way to a good time and Emily seemed to want to party as well. Therefore, I dubbed myself the DD for the group for the night. We ended up getting herded to Tommy’s of all places! Danielle and Scott Irish exited but Mischa, Erin and Cooper stuck around. Well after midnight on the walk back to the Prius with only Colin, Emily and Kevin remaining we heard word that people were at Downward Dog dancing... I had the door open to the Prius, but it was not to be. Over an hour later and some dancing at Downward Dog I finally herded Kevin, Cooper and Emily into the Prius to bring everyone home. It was definitely a rough night for Emily and Kevin and a rough morning the next day as well :)

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