Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Once again this year Kevin and Alexa invited
people over for a small Easter brunch. Danielle & Scott, Colin, Tim & Lindsay, Emily and I, Mischa & Erin, and Emily and I all gorged ourselves on wonderful food. Colin brought over a ham and Emily and I made deviled eggs and blueberry muffins. I ate so much that I was almost in pain and it was hard to drink more mimosa’s. Last year we went through about 18 bottles of Champagne (bought out Freddy’s stock of it). This year was a bit more subdued but there was also vodka which I guess made up for it. I was actually too full to drink too much so I was fine for the rest of the
day... I can’t say the same for Kevin who drank himself right to
bed at about 6 in the afternoon.... hehe. Tim was headed to Alaska until August the next day so Alexa stirred him to say goodbye. Quote of the night from Kev was “I can’t find my wallet, you seen it?”. All afternoon we played washers and Kevin went and got Clays amazing beer pong table. We also played card games and a board game before we ended the night. It was a great day with great food and great friends.

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