Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spirit Mountain Buffet

Tonight 10 of us piled into the Prius and Colin’s van and headed to the Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, OR. The drive was about 50 minutes but the all you
could eat buffet of amazing food was certainly worth it. They had everything from crab legs, to prime rib, to sushi, to shrimp cocktail to about 10 different desert varieties and ice cream flavors. We all stuffed ourselves. I unfortunately had a good bit of lemon cake before I went so I couldn’t perform as usual. Instead Colin took the crown by not only eating the most but also going back for another slice of prime rib AFTER desert! We all got a kick out of the very falic looking art going into the Buffet (really? who would put that there?). We then roamed the casino gambling a little bit. Colin and Kevin hit up the tables but the rest of us stuck with slots. At one point I took a photo of Colin playing and security went nuts thinking I was helping someone cheat or something. They also yelled at Kevin and Scott for waving their phones around too close to the table... paranoid or what??? The dealer at the table spent the rest of the night pointing at us and talking with security... whoa... take it easy bud. I played a slot machine called Wild Fang or something and actually won 30 bucks which paid for both our buffets! A free night of gambling and stuffing myself, not bad. The others in our group weren’t that lucky but nobody lost a lot as we were all too smart to gamble very much money anyway.

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