Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Party

Well, the rapture came today and nobody I know floated up into the sky! I guess that means that we are all sinners and are in for one hell of an earthquake and zombie apocalypse. I can’t believe how many people actually followed American Christian Radio and their crazy-ass leader Harold Camping. I mean, people quit their jobs, took their kids out of school and spent all their savings on billboards and painting their vehicles for nationwide tours warning people of the rapture on May 21st! On the news were countless people who had lost everything as the 6pm witching hour came and went in Australia a full half day before it reached the U.S. Camping simply sat by the tv pondering why nothing was happening. He should be jailed for leading so many people into financial misery with his preaching. Many people thought it would be funny to leave their clothes on their lawn as if they had left them behind and become a spirit! Ha! I was happy to hear that angry followers looted and burned down several of his radio stations!

To celebrate the harmless passing of the rapture Cassie and Garrett through a really fun party in their backyard with lots of good beer and food. Emily and I showed up after our day of exploring wildlife preserves (see previous post) and we all had a good laugh over the whole situation and pondered what would happen to all the rapture billboards we had seen on I-5. Washers were out as usual but without any lights in the backyard Scooter had to improvise by placing lit candles in the holes for us to see to toss. Later in the evening I was asked to DJ but didn’t have all my music so instead put on a fun old school Pandora Station based off the Humpty Dance. I didn’t intend to drink too much but maybe the full day in the sun took its toll as I quickly found myself with a boa around my neck and sunglasses on dancing on a wobbly knee. Fun party, and I’m glad we are all here, especially all of our pets which we would have had to leave behind according to the crazy old man!

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