Friday, June 3, 2011

Defense Parties

Tonight Emily and I attended several defense parties of our friends. We first headed over to Robert and Andrea Allan’s place for Candice’s PhD defense party. Candice played on Emily’s soccer team for a while and has been over to our place for a Halloween Party. Emily and I both get jealous every time we go to their house because the backyard is so beautiful.

From there Emily had a soccer game in the sports park and then stayed for a second game there before we were able to leave and head to Squirrel’s for Lindsay’s Defense Party. Lindsay had defended the previous morning and Colin, Scott and I headed over to campus to check it out. Her study was about how Caspian Terns in San Francisco Bay effect the salmon populations there through their feeding range and habits. Last weekend we had actually been to several places where Lindsay had studied so all of her maps in the powerpoint looked familiar to me. There were a ton of people out at Squirrels when we got there but the general consensus, according to Jenn at least was to motivate and head to the Peacock which we shortly did. When I say the Peacock was busy it is a giant understatement. At one point in the night there was a line nearly two blocks long to get in and it seemed like nearly everyone I knew was out drinking, including my buddy Doug who we never see out that late! After watching some karaoke downstairs, including a skinny white boy who could legitimately rap amazingly fast, the girls meandered upstairs for some dancing while Jason, Doug, Colin, and a few others hung out downstairs with me in the front patio area. Eventually the chicks came down and weren’t allowed back upstairs due to the line so we took off around 1-2am. Apparently it was the last big weekend before the undergrads left for the summer which all of us couldn’t wait for!

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