Friday, November 12, 2010

Wine & Cheese Party

Emily and I went out for drinks with her soccer team after work at Squirrels. I got to catch up
with Dave Trench who was in town and chat with Tory a bit before heading to Emily’s soccer game at the sports park which they tied and Emily got a sweet goal. After the game we went home for Emily to change and then headed out to Aaron’s (Paul’s house) for a wine and cheese party. I was surprised that even at 10:15 pm there were a ton of people in the house. I also noticed that most of the people were walking around with glasses of red wine... on a white carpet.. hope it didn’t get doused! I actually only knew about 30% of the people in the house so was excited to see Dave Trench and Tim and Lindsay walk in as well. Emily was in a really sexy dress and I was in my new suit with a Hawaiian t-shirt on, big gold chain, and gold aviator sunglasses... keepin’ it real... Emily and I decided to head out when the dance party downstairs started. Good party Hartz!

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