Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poker Night

Poker with the boys

I'm winning!
On Saturday night while the girls were in Portland with Cassie for her bachelorette party at a drag show Kevin and I hosted poker night on our side for Garrett and his friends. Garrett had already had a bachelor party climb of Mt. Hood hitting up clubs after with his buddies so I guess this was kind of a 2nd bachelor party for him. We had a bbq and played washers with music for a while before they broke out poker chips and I added two leaves to our dining room table to make it big enough for us all. I was reluctant to play poker because I suck at it but Kevin convinced me to play and Garrett bought me with $5 bucks of his own. I got some coaching from Kevin and one of G-Dog’s friends and before I knew it I was actually doing well and had a significant pile of chips in front of me. By 1am I was able to pay Garrett back the $5 buy in but when I asked if I could cash out I was told it would be lame by Kev so I kept playing until about 2:30 when I was tired and just started vomiting my chips onto the table in ridiculous bluffs until all my chips were gone and I could step away from the table. We put on the Big Lebowski for background noise but upon Miwa’s request I changed it to my favorite, Anchorman, instead. I think everyone had left by about 3:30 in the morning. I got a cute text from Alexa of Emily in a sexy outfit in Portland and it looked like the girls were having a good time too.

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