Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silver Falls Photo Session

Lower South falls

Upper South Falls
Took a drive out to Silver Falls this afternoon to practice with Jason’s Tripod. I took backroads on the way out and tried to find a bird pond that was in the Willamette Loop Birding guide but didn’t actually see any pond where it should have been resulting in a bit of wasted time and driving. Once at Silver Falls I had further bad luck as about half the photos I set up shots for and took the time to take correctly came out terrible. This was because on my walk back along the ridge from the short loop I hiked I realized that probably should have turned off the vibration reduction of the lens while it was on the tripod… I did a quick Google search on my phone and found that everyone with the same camera noted that it should indeed be turned off, especially for long exposures… which unfortunately for me was what I was practicing that day. So, before I left I returned to South Falls and made sure I had all the correct settings and took a few more slow shutter shots which did indeed come out looking good. I guess this camera is going to be a constant learning experience for me for a while to come.

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