Sunday, July 3, 2011

Colin's Annual 4th of July Party

After a really fun weekend in the woods Emily and I were able to make it back to Corvallis by 8pm and after a couple super quick showers we made it to Colin & Amanda’s by 9pm for their annual 4th of July party. Everyone we knew was there it seemed and Mischa had apparently told everyone we may be dead because he thought we were alone in plastic kayaks, not realizing we were with pros and in inflatable kayaks. So… everyone it seemed was relieved to see us and we were relieved to see everyone… and all the food as we were friggin’ starving. As usual all of our friends had brought a ton of delicious food and people were in the street playing 4-square. The garage as usual again seemed to be the place to hang out with ring toss and the super-rad original Nintendo with Dr. Mario that seems to never die. Em and I were tired but we waited around for many of the fireworks to be set off before we headed out just before midnight. It was a great party as it is every year.

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