Monday, July 4, 2011

Disc Golf and 4th of July BBQ at our place

Today was a leisurely day of disc golf for the boys of Watershed and real golf for the ladies which is ironic given the original meaning of the word GOLF.. I ended up drinking a 6-pack of Blimey’s at Willamette Park and was buzzed by the afternoon when Kev and I invited everyone over for a BBQ. Aaron had asked if we could have it at our place and I agreed but apparently Anna and John had also planned one with some people that weren’t into socializing with new people so we ended up having separate ones.. oh well. Ours didn’t last long and was pretty casual and we didn’t even work up the energy to go downtown to see the fireworks. Instead Emily and I crashed watching a movie and Chris stopped by to hang out for a bit on his way back home from Anna’s. I know I say it a lot but it sure would be nice to see Tiffany every once in a while too. Anyway, the bbq and a relaxing night on the 4th was the perfect finish to a fantastic three day weekend.

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