Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garrett's 3rd Bachelor Party at Miwa's

Tonight Kevin and I went over to Miwa's for another bachelor party for Garrett.  This time Garrett had all of his friends from around the world with him and family members too so it was a bit bigger.  To really make it a legit sausage fest we actually had a "sausage fest" because everyone brought different types from chicken sausage to really spicy ones.  As usual Colin brought washers but this time he also brought a big stump of wood and nails to play the game "stump".  We started playing but Mischa had a hard time understanding the rules so the game sort of ended quickly...  :).

From there on the night progressed to sheer drunkenness.  I really didn't feel like drinking much so I took it easy and just watched as the guys found a pvc pipe and stuck it in one of the washer holes as a launcher for some firework mortors... yeah, the kind you need to drive to an Indian Reservation to get in this state... Anyway, I thought that would work just fine so got out my phone to record the fireworks... and well... just watch the videos in this blog post to see what happened.

Almost nearly being blown up I decided it was time for me to leave while Kevin, Colin and the rest stayed and then went out to the bars in town.  I felt great the next day but some of my other guy friends looked a bit tore-up for work on Friday morning... :)  Can't wait for the wedding!

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