Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bachelor Party Fishing Trip Weekend

This weekend was our buddy Tim's Bachelor Party at a house in Newport, OR.  His friend Wes from the East Coast, Jason Abbott from Portland and all of his Corvallis buddies (Mischa, Scott, Kev, Colin, and I) joined him at the coast for a weekend of drinking, fishing, washers, spirit quests through the woods, drinking, crabbing and drinking to celebrate his last weekend as an unmarried (read:free) man.  We gorged ourselves on crab, rockfish, steak, chicken, sausages, etc and relaxed in a hot tub for two glorious days.  Click the link to read more.

Scott, Mischa and I rode in Colin's van down to the coast, skipping out of work a little early on Friday so we could get to the house and relax for a bit.  Kevin drove separately and after two weeks of his written pHD exams and a conference in Seattle without much sleep he was pretty damn sick.  Tim and Wes spent the afternoon crabbing in the Alsea River mouth but only caught one crab which we all insisted Wes eat as a native east coaster.  They didn't show up until about 7pm with Abbott showing up around 8pm.  Because we were counting on crab for dinner we asked Tim and Wes to stop and pick up some sausages for everyone.  We definitely ended up with plenty of food with my chicken, sausages and a giant london broil.  The rest of the night was spent playing washers, drinking, hot tubbing it and more drinking.

It was extremely rough to get up at 5:15am on Saturday for the rock fishing trip out of Newport.  Tim of course was one of the first up cooking eggs and bacon, excited about the trip.  I slowly rose off the floor while everyone else gratefully took a cup of coffee from Mischa's french press.  Somehow, Kevin had scored the giant master bedroom by himself while others packed into the smaller bedroom on the floor and in the bed.. not sure how that happened but after one night it was definitely quarantined for the rest of the trip with Kevin in it.  We packed up the coolers with beer and headed to Newport where we had to purchase our tickets for the 5 hour trip along with crab pots for the few of us that wanted to throw them.

The fishing trip was a lot of fun.  I actually caught the first rockfish and it was a big one.  I then caught a lingcod and another rockfish but both were too small to keep.  I felt like a master fisherman and even Tim told me later he was watching my technique... Well, as usual, my technique failed the rest of the day and I didn't catch another thing!  We had a really nice deck hand that ran around chatting with us and scooping up our fish.  There were two other older men on the boat with us that didn't catch much so the mate gave them a couple he caught.  Wes definitely took the prize of the day but somehow managing to bring up two big rockfish on each hook of his line within about 3 minutes of dropping it.  Everyone managed to catch at least one or two fish on the boat except for Mischa, thereby proving that he may actually be bad at a sport finally! (it actually just seemed like a lot of luck to me).

After fishing for hours without much luck (thankfully the sun came out and warmed us up a bit - It was 95 in Corvallis and 55 on the coast btw) we headed back to shore to check the crab pots.  We had thrown 4 pots and Colin, Scott, Tim and Mischa each pulled them up.  Thankfully, they were full of crab which offset the $75 single fish I had caught.  We ended up with 20 big crab and around 10-12 fish I think which were fille't for us on the dock when we got back in.  We arrived at the dock to see a fish and wildlife worker scanning our rockfish for tags but finding none.  We were also welcomed by the hord of barking seals which had apparently been sleeping when we left but were now arguing with each other on the docks to the delight of the tourists above.

When we got back to the house we spent the first part of the afternoon taking showers and many of us napping (except Tim and I who continued to drink straight through from the morning).  We cooked up some smaller afternoon crab for a snack before our feast later in the evening and Scott and Kev came back from the store with some truly awful smut for Tim (seriously nasty).  Around sunset Mischa, Wes, Tim, Abbott, and I went on a spirit quest through the woods to Beverly Beach across 101 and down a crazy steep cliff to watch the sun set over the Pacific.  I wore my new Vibram Five Fingers and they worked great although I had to leave my mixed drink at the top so I wouldn't spill them watching my footing on the way down.  Thankfully, Wes being the animal that he is, ran all the way back up the cliff to retrieve my drink and bring it back for me. After some frisbee toss on the beach we ventured back up to the house to start cooking our feast.  Both Tim and Wes unbelievably climbed BACK UP the crazy mess of vines and bushes that we had fallen down from to get to the beach - much to the amusement of Mischa!

Saturday night we cooked up the rest of the crab, steaks, marinated chicken, Colin's french fries and fried fish and Kevin's bbq'd rockfish.  I actually don't believe we had any vegetables at all!  I ended up pounding down 3 full crab (4+ if you count the snack ones) and I started to get yelled at by Kevin!  I had no idea that he had just decided to split up all the crab that 4 of us had paid for between everyone... I was fine with it of course but I probably would have thrown another pot or two if I had known that was the plan because I was still expecting to bring back 2-3 crabs left over from my pot but instead just had one left for Emily.  Oh well, I guess in the end it cost me less money which is good!  Kevin pretty much spent the weekend playing dad and worrying about the house being on his credit card, although he did rally pretty hard on Saturday night for being as sick as he was.  We had a great time the rest of the evening chillin' in the hot tub, playing washers and near the end lighting up an awesome fire below the back porch with a view of the ocean and stars.  Tim definitely bailed first as he was pretty tore-up and I followed about an hour later passing out on the couch despite a bunch of people still being loud and playing the game "Sorry" around me.  They tried to mess with me a couple times but I felt it and put a stop to it.

On Sunday morning to my surprise Colin and Scott rallied up early so they could get home in time to watch the start of the NFL season.  After packing everything up and eating some leftovers in the morning we made it back to Corvallis by 10am to the surprise of our ladies (Em was still in bed).  It was then that I started to fine small torn up scraps of porn in almost everything I had... my bag, my hat, my wallet, my clothes.. on and on... I'm not sure what happened after I fell asleep but Scott must have taken his time depositing all of them around everyone's stuff!  It was a great weekend and I'm sure that Tim had really great time!  Thanks to Kevin for organizing the whole shindig and working up a really killer spreadsheet while there... hehe.

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