Saturday, October 15, 2011

BYU, Waterpolo & a Party

Today Emily and I headed down to the OSU vs. BYU game to tailgate with Doug and others before the game.  We had gone to the Arizona game a few weeks ago but Doug wasn't there for that one and Doug's tailgates are always the best as he prepares food for days ahead of time.  Many of our friends were there and I was able to get tickets from Andrea Allan earlier in the week in exchange for some beer and candy.  

Emily ended up getting tickets from work so we didn't actually need the tickets anyway and gave them to Colin and Isaac.  Unlike the previous game we went to the Beavers got spanked this weekend.  We watched the game with Colin, Scott & Danielle, Miwa, Garrett, Cathy, Shiloh and some others.  I had a few Sparks beverages during the first half and then a couple beers at halftime so by the time the game ended I was feeling pretty good.

After the game Lindsay,  Emily, Alexa and I drove over to the Osborne Aquatic center so that we could finally see one of Kevin's water polo matches.  No surprise, but there were a hell of a lot of speedo's walking around the pool!  Kevin is the oldest on the OSU team but he definitely kept up with everyone in the pool.  It was kind of ridiculous how many subs the OSU team had compared to the lone sub of the other team.  It was hard to understand what was going on in the pool and I didn't really understand the rules but it looked like a lot of fun... and a lot of energy.  No wonder Kevin has such strong arms and shoulders - back and forth, back and forth down the pool with every play it seemed.  OSU crushed the other team and we took off.  I tried to get some good action photos with our new Nikon... but all I could really see was a lot of splashing and people's heads.
We ended up going over to Loomis and Amy Jo's later in the evening for a party.  I was pretty tired and didn't end up drinking very much so I drove us there and home.  We didn't stay too long.  Just long enough for some beer pong and dancing.  Amy Jo had made some great food for the party and there was a keg too.

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