Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

It seemed like everyone around us had been preparing for Halloween for weeks.  Alexa and Kevin had been making their costumes and pinata for the party for well over a week and Fausti had been shopping for elaborate costumes on the internet.  Emily and I as usual waited until the last moment to put together our costumes.  When I say last minute I literally mean the morning before the Halloween Party which was held at Fausti's this year and doubled as a birthday party (big 30th) for Danielle.  Emily decided a little while ago she was going to be a peacock for Halloween so I decided I would be "Squiggy" the comical looking guy that runs karaoke nearly every night at the Peacock downtown.  While Emily was out running errands and picking up stuff for her costume I went to the costume store and picked up a black long-haired wig to use as a ponytail and a fake glittery microphone.

Fausti had a great party with tons of decorations and even a photo room that I set up with our Nikon DSLR.  She had a corn dog maker and a cotton candy machine as well.  Emily made a double layer bunt cake with orange frosting that she made to look like a pumpkin.  Others brought dishes and there was a mexican taco bar set up as well.  At one point I stuck my bare arms in the cotton candy machine to come out with Cotton Candy Hands!  At around midnight everyone strung up the pinata that Alexa had made for Danielle's birthday and she went at it with a baseball bat.  It was pretty funny to see the assortment of characters all crawling on the ground afterwards for the candy it was filled with.

Let's see if I can remember who everyone was....
Fausti - Honey Badger
Pete - The Devil
Carrie - The Devil's Advocate maybe?  She had a Sarah Palin sticker and was making deals for souls...
Kevin - Bruce Willis from the 5th Element
Alexa - The redhead from the 5th Element
Cathy - A troll doll
Jeff - The tallest hooker I've ever seen
Layne - Elle from Kill Bill (Daryl Hannah - eye patch...)
Tully - Papa Smurf
Miwa - Dirty old man (had a small mirror on the bottom of his cane)
Jason & Jen - Yellow duct tape people
Colin - the abortionist doctor from American Horror Story

Amanda - What appeared to be a Mardi Gras girl
And Later in the night:
Jon - Lt. Dangle from Reno 911
Hartz - What appeared to be a normal outfit for the guy.... haha
Holm - Crazy scientist
Feeney - Can't remember
Stacy, Sarah & Nicole - F.E.R.R.Y.'s
Paul - Can't remember

When I say "later in the night" I'm referring to Dennis Feeney's new house burning Halloween party that Em and I went to thanks to a shuttle from Layne & Jeff (we had tried to walk but Emily was in pain in her shoes so we had to turn back)  We arrived at Feeney's new place just off Circle Blvd to find it had now furniture which was perfect for the dance party that was currently going on there.  Chris was out in the driveway with the ladies we had met from the rafting trip down the Rogue and he certainly ended up having an interesting time that night!  Also, there was a strange older gentleman in the driveway cooking fresh fried fish out of the back of his truck.  Emily and I found this to be a bit strange at a Halloween party of people in their 20's and 30's but living in Oregon we have learned not to question such odd occurrences anymore and enjoyed a few pieces of the fish ourselves!  Emily and I hung out there for a bit catching up with everyone and I was excited to tell my ski buddies about my small chance of winning the Warren Miller Grand Prize Heli-ski trip from the film premiere Chris and I had gone to the prior Wednesday night at OSU.

Eventually, my cold got the best of me and I decided it was time for Emily and I to go home.  Having now ride home I borrowed Chris' bike to ride down circle and return with my truck with his bike in the back.  I was completely sober having not drank much throughout the night due to me being sick so it was no problem.  On the ride home I passed Jon and Aaron who were quite excited about Chris and the ladies at the party who were obviously after him and tried really hard to get me to follow them to Winco for more beer but I stayed true to my mission and returned with the truck.  I said goodbye to the cute F.E.R.R.Y's at the party and everyone else and Em and I drove back to Fausti's to see everyone quickly, grab my camera gear from the house and wish Danielle a happy birthday.  It was a long night of dancing, costumes, food and friends but the way I was feeling I was certainly happy to crawl into a warm bed and relax the following day.

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