Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chris Holm Turns 31

Tonight we had a fun party for Chris' birthday at the bowling alley on 9th street.  I called everyone I could think of that was friends with Chris and a good number people showed up including Sarah and Nicole from the Rogue River trip with some special drinks just for Chris!  We all met up at our place before heading to the bowling alley and had a few birthday shots before we left.  

Bowling was a lot of fun and we got multiple pitchers of beer there.  I was worried Hartz wasn't going to show up but he and Jon Stevenson showed up around 9 after their CMRU meeting.  Emily had bought an ice cream cake at the store so we all enjoyed that as we wrapped up two full games on 3 different bowling lanes between all of us.  From the bowling alley we headed back home and then down the street to Suds and Suds to cap the night off with another couple pitchers of beer there.  I'm pretty sure Chris ended up having a great time which made the truly rough morning I had the following day completely worth it :)  

And yes, this is the most embarrassing photo of Chris I could find as I didn't take any tonight.

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