Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jeff & Ally's Wedding

This weekend Emily and I made a very brief visit home to the East Coast for my cousin Jeff and his fiance Ally's wedding in Uxbridge, MA.  We left on a redeye Thursday night from PDX and got into Bradley Airport at 10am on Friday.  My mom picked us up and we had a really nice lunch with Em's mom and her brother Nick and wife Jen at a Red Robin nearby.  We would have gone to a different, non-chain, restaurant but the Granby area had been devastated by an early fall snowstorm that snapped branches on nearly every tree that still had it's full foliage due to the weight of the snow.  Her parents had been without power since the previous Saturday and by the time we got back to Oregon late Sunday night were still without power!  After lunch we drove to our hotel, took naps to catch up on the sleep we missed on the flight and then had a nice dinner at a local Olive Garden before returning to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Unusually, the wedding was at 11am in the morning at the Arrowhead resort in Uxbridge.  The wedding and the reception were both held in the same building.  It was a short ceremony and reception but the food was fantastic.  I think that Jeff and Ally really enjoyed the photo frame that we had got them and the photos I had taken with the DSLR during the ceremony that I put on it at the reception.  There was the usual cake smashing in the face and everyone signed a plate for them to keep from the wedding with best wishes.

Em and I sat at a table with my mom and Aunt Catherine and Uncle Roger.  I really, really enjoyed catching up with them as they are two of my favorite people with very similar interests to mine.  Emily really loves them too.  Hopefully, when they move to Boulder, Colorado Emily and I will be able to visit them sometime soon.  I've still yet to meet Asia and I haven't seen Cherie in many years.  It was a cash bar so we didn't end up drinking like we usually do at weddings which of course prevented me from any embarrassing dancing in the light of the afternoon coming in through the windows.  It wasn't really my kind of music either.

After the wedding we all went back to the hotel to change and then headed to a fancy restaurant up the street that Ann had suggested I guess.  The place was packed and I almost fell over when I ordered two Double Chocolate Stout cans that cost $3 a piece in Corvallis only to have the bartender ask for $20 from me!!!  It was at that point that I decided I was either not going to drink or the family was going to have to move to a different, less crowded and cheaper location.  Thankfully, a few other family members agreed and we all moved down the street to a nearly empty sports bar which the Wilcox family pretty much took over for the night.  

Emily and I spent much of the night chatting with the Brockport contingent of the family that I never really had time to get to know before.  My lawyer/judge cousin Chris turned out to be nothing like anything I expected.  Instead of being nervous to talk to him because of his position in life as a judge and owning his own law firm I found us to have a lot in common and was super easy to talk to.  He and I would have a lot of fun together if we lived close by I'm sure.  Sean and Sheryl were wondeful to chat with and Mischy and Paul were hilarious all night.  Chris and Howard definitely got the drunk cards for the night!  Chris even called a buddy of his in Vegas to get tickets for my mom and Aunt sue for their upcoming trip.  It seemed like he had connections in many high places from all the stories he was telling us.  At around 11pm my mom told me she was tired and needed to leave so the three of us took off in her car with her driving.  She pulled into the wrong lane immediately which gave me a little worry but I corrected her fast.

Back at the hotel I wolfed down the leftover Olive Garden that was smelling up my mom's car before bed.  I had drank quite a bit with the family and ended up with a slight hangover on Sunday morning.  Emily and I watched some TV and then fell asleep knowing we had to be up earlier than the rest of the family to make our flight out of Bradley.

We woke up to my mom calling us to get up (I wish she would someday realize I am a responsible adult and can figure out these things on my own).  We met the family downstairs briefly before heading out of town and said our goodbyes.  I felt bad that I hadn't had much time to catch up with Eric and Erin but Emily and I are determined to go visit them in Seattle over this winter so I figured we could catch up with them then.  We ate a wonderful breakfast at a great place called the Whistle Stop Cafe in Windsor, CT before my mom dropped us off at the airport.  The flight back was uneventful and actually on time so we got back to Corvallis around 10pm with plenty of time for a good nights rest.  It was a super fast trip with a kind of unusual wedding but I'm super happy for Jeff and Ally and even more happy that I got to finally really get to know members of my family that I had rarely talked to before.

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