Saturday, November 12, 2011

Laynes Housewarming Party

Emily, Cathy, Alexa, Kevin and I all headed to Albany tonight for a house warming party for Layne and Jeff.  They have a great new place with a big garage and plenty of room for gear.  Their house is pretty big and they only got it for $105k I believe so their mortgage is something like $750 a month!  That's just $100 more than what Em and I pay for rent.  Granted it is in Albany, and a similar sized house here would be double that but damn, that's a great deal!  There were snacks and Layne had made a great pot of hot cider which I put some bourbon in.

The night before a bunch of us from work as well as Aaron and Chris Holm all met up at McMenamin's to see Layne now that she has started bartending there again just once a week.  We of course had a great time (I love that back bar with the fireplace!) and of course walked out pretty hooked up by Layne.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize that her co-worker was with her at the party and opened my big mouth.  When I say "co-worker" I mean MANAGER... whoops.  She ended up covering herself pretty good but her brother said I almost stuck my foot in my mouth pretty good on that one.  We all watched some football as the Ducks actually lost a game and played "Catch Phrase" until it got late and we all drove home.  Definitely super happy for both Layne and Jeff with their new house.  Now I just need to get some ski videos for Jeff to watch in his new living room.

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