Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mary's Peak North Ridge with Dromi Dog

Today Emily and decided to go on a hike up Mary's Peak to get outdoors and took Dromi along with us to get her some fresh air.  It wasn't a particularly nice day but at least it wasn't raining for a change.  Emily had a soccer game at 4pm so we got up early and were at the trailhead by 11pm to start the 10 mile hike.  

As usual the woods of Mary's Peak were beautiful with the fog lingering in the canopy and the green, lush moss covering everything.  Switchbacking up the ridge it is always cool to see the tall douglas fir trees leaning agains the slope of the mountain and with a 16mm wide angle lens they make a pretty cool photo.  

Near the top of the mountain we heard what either sounded like gunshots or construction.  For a while I thought perhaps it was construction at the parking area near the top but as we got closer I quickly realized that some idiots were shooting off guns off the summit road which we were about to parallel through the woods.  I decided to put Dromi on leash (she had been doing wonderful off-leash staying with us btw) and when we got really close I yelled loudly that we were coming through and to "please don't shoot us".  At the parking area we saw a young guy picking up trash that worked for the forest service I think.  We asked if it was legal to shoot up here and he replied "definitely not".  We told him where they approximately where and he turned to walk down the trail to tell them to leave.  From there we quickly walked to the top (which Emily had never been to) but with no views, a frigid wind, and time running out we quickly ate a couple sandwiches, gave Dromi some more water and some snacks and headed back down.  Back at the parking lot the worker told us he had told them to leave and they were all gone which made us feel better.  We kept Dromi on leash until past where we had heard them just in case but never heard another shot.  

On the way down Dromi had a fraction of the energy she had going up (this was possibly the longest hike she'd been on yet) and pretty much stuck to the trail in front of us the whole way down, occasionally getting confused by switchbacks though... :).   Although we had no views, it was refreshing to be outdoors for a while and my knee seems to be fully recovered.  Emily made her soccer game with time to spare and Dromi spent the rest of the day and night napping on a couch.  

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