Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas Emily and I decided we could not afford to head home for the holiday.  We were planning a surprise trip to Disney for her brother Chris and the rest of the family in late January so it just didn’t make sense to spend another $1500 to fly us both home for Christmas when we would see them all so soon anyway.  We had also just seen my mom for a full weekend at Jeff & Allie’s wedding in November.  
On Christmas Eve we went over to Loomis & Amy Jo’s for a Christmas Eve dinner of salmon, ham and spectacular dishes that everyone brought.  It was just Danielle, Scott, Emily and I, Loomis and Amy Jo and their friends Neil and her husband Dan.  We stuffed ourselves with food and then continued to be fed booze from Amy Jo for the rest of the night as we played catch phrase in the living room and then other drinking games.  It was a nice evening among friends.
On Christmas Day Emily and I simply had a very quiet day at home.  I felt really bad that I didn’t have anything to give her on Christmas Day because the Dynafit bindings I had planned to get her were unavailable anywhere.  She got me a very expensive hi-zoom Nikon Lens for our DSLR which I had been dreaming of for months and would come in handy on our upcoming trips to Disney and then Hawaii later in the spring.  We were able to skype with her parents and the rest of the family and took two shots of the remaining Wild Turkey American Honey with the rest of her family on the screen.  I then facetime chatted with my mom and Ellie who didn’t really seem to be in the mood to chat.  Apparently she had actually gotten tired of the number of gifts she got for Christmas!  
It was a relaxing day of just the two of us, but work over the holidays with everyone home with family was terrible for me and I hope that Emily and I will never have miss a Christmas with family again.

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