Saturday, December 17, 2011

Colin's Christmas Party 2011

Once again this year Colin and Amanda were gracious enough to host a Christmas Party for everyone.  There was the usual Watershed Crew at the party as well as Tim & Lindsay and we brought Holm along.  Colin had bought a massive turkey and everyone contributed a dish or two of snacks.  As typical, Colin supplied a full table full of assorted booze for everyone as well.  There were games in the garage and I set to mixing drinks for a bunch of people.  I’m not sure where but Danielle and Carrie also got a hold of some fake mustaches.  Perhaps they were out of the gift stocking that Colin allowed everyone to pick from.  In the garage there was the usual ring toss tournament and I made poor Scooter a nasty shot to drink after he lost (I felt bad about it later but he drank it like a pro).  

This year I managed to make the entire night without passing out thankfully.  Amanda was in and out of the party throughout the night (probably to check we weren’t destroying the house :).  We all appreciated her willingness to have everyone over just weeks before her surgery.  By the end of the night everyone was pretty lit but we were able to get a ride home from Alexa who had taken it easy thankfully.  I’m not sure who won the drunk card for the night but with Emily feeling a little sick we took off pretty quickly and felt bad we didn’t help clean up at all.  All in a all, it was a really fun party as usual and we all can’t wait till next year when Amanda may be feeling better to hang out with us a bit more.

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