Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Powder!

On New Years Eve Emily, Chris, Kya and I drove up to Ski Bowl for some fresh snow after the driest December in Oregon’s history.  We were able to ski all day with Kya left in her puffy coat in the car.  We got a late start so we skied till 5pm when they turned the lights on at the “largest night ski area in America”.   It was great to have a full day at a resort nearly a year after I blew my ACL last early January.  My knee was definitely weaker than it was before the injury but I was still able to ski for a good amount of time.  I’m not sure if it will ever be as strong as it was but right now I at least I can still ski and take smaller drops.  

When we got back to Corvallis we had time to shower, change and get a quick bite to eat before picking up Chris again and heading to Mike and Jessica’s for a New Years Party.  We brought a couple beers we had left over from our typical Wednesday night movie night at our place but thankfully we were greeted to jello shots, mixed drinks and more booze than we could handle.  I played a quick game of beer pong with Mike who killed me and then retired to inside to continue to mingle with everyone and watch Emily challenge Chris to a game of darts.  

Around 11pm Scott, Danielle, Emily and I headed over to BD and Carrie’s who were also having a party where most of our other friends were.  BD had just finished his brand new beautiful bar and was happily mixing drinks for everyone.  When we arrived he mixed me up a delicious bourbon and ginger in a pint glass.  We stuck around their place until the ball dropped and 2012 began.  Apparently we now only have 11 months to live until the world ends according to Nastrodamus.  It was then that I went up stairs to the bathroom and found a very old photo of Brian taped to an aerosol can that I got some funny video of but will spare him by not posting it here!  

After pounding one more pint of bourbon and ginger the four of us took off again for Jess and Mike’s to finish up the night.  By the time we got to their place I was hammered and decided to jump into their hot tub in my boxers, flashing poor Danielle in the process.  Scott and a few others joined me in the hot tub as well.  From that point on I’m a little fuzzy on when we went home but I know I was certainly feeling the night the next day.  Happy 2012!

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