Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Real Day of Resort Powder 2012

Today at Ski Bowl Emily, Chris and I had our first real serious day of powder skiing.  Earlier in the week the forecast had called for a few inches which turned into over a foot and a half between Saturday night and Sunday.  We had left town with a friend of a girl named Christina who plays soccer with Emily that Chris had picked up to meet her already at Government Camp with a few other friends.  We left town at 5:30 am.... yes, you read that right, 5-freakin-30 AM.  It actually turned out to be a great plan as the three of us were able to rip fresh tracks down upper bowl all morning while Dan went off to meet up with Christina who also was just learning to alpine ski.  

After a morning of ripping it up in the powder we met up with the others at the warming hut for a few pitchers of pilsner urquel, the staple beer of Ski Bowl.  I had forgotten that Emily and I were on the Rogue Trip in 2009 with Christina who was from Argentina.  After the beer Emily, Chris, I and a Christina’s friend headed off to shred some more pow.  I definitely began to push myself on a few drops in upper bowl working my way up to around a 6 footer before I felt my knee was being pushed to hard.  Yes, this is a far cry from the 40-50 footers I had been dropping the previous few years.  I now told myself that I would simply try anything that Chris would jump off of.  With him being new to skiing the past few years I figured this would be an achievable limit for me on cliff drops... until he starts to get really crazy..

We skied until about 3:30 when my knee had become dangerously week and I told Chris that Emily, who was freezing at this point, and I were headed down the mountain to chill in the car with Kya until they were done.  When we got to the car we turned on the heat for Kya who seemed to be shivering a little and Emily threw some snowballs for her which is one of her favorite activities.  Chris came down shortly after and we all headed home, thoroughly exhausted from our first real day of resort powder skiing.

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