Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guacamole Challenge!

Tonight Jason, Jenn, Chris, Emily, and I along with Danielle and Scott headed over to Mike and Jess’s for a guacamole challenge get together.  The idea was for everyone to make their own version of guacamole and see which was voted the favorite at the end of the night.  Emily made a good one but the one that won it all had garlic in it and Jason and Jen got second with their mango infused guacamole.  Knowing that most people like garlic I called the first and 2nd place winners correctly as I challenged Chris at a game of darts.  This time we had brought our wet suits over but we all couldn’t fit in the hot tub together so we passed.  This was the last time we would see Mike for a while as he would be taking off for Alaska for several months.  It was a fun party and I definitely had my full of guacamole!

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