Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sarah Young's Birthday

Today Emily, Chris and I drove out to Cody and Nicole's house in Shedd, OR for a birthday brunch for our awesome new friend Sarah's birthday (actual birthday on Monday).  There was a ton of amazing food including eggs, multiple types of bacon, french toast, fruit, mimosa's, eclairs, etc.  We got to meet our adventurous counter-parts that Sarah has monthly adventures with - We'll have to meet up for trips this Spring - and we got to catch up with Cody who we never get to see anymore for some reason.

After the brunch Emily and I drove to Eugene for the afternoon to get her Dynafit bindings mounted at Berg's and for me to try on new ski boots as mine are almost 12 years old now and the oldest piece of equipment I have now!  I found a pair of Technica's I really liked and will wait for the REI 20% off sale to consider getting them.

Later in the evening we met up with Sarah and her friends at our place for a few drinks before heading to Bombs to see Brothers Gow + Synrgy play.  Emily, Chris and I had originally planned to go skiing on Sunday but after looking at the weather and considering the 3 hour drive to and from Bend to get to Tumalo (the only place not raining) we decided it wasn't worth it.  Therefore I was able to endulge a little more booze and we ended up finishing off a bottle of rum between the bunch of us before even going to the bar with Danielle, Scott, Sarah, her friends, Chris, Emily and I.  It turned out to be a relaxing evening of conversation with some good music in the background as we chilled in the back bar.  Emily and I really like Sarah and are excited about having her along with us on our coming spring time adventures in the Northwest.

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