Monday, February 27, 2012

Chris wins open mic night

Tonight I met up with Chris Holm and Sarah Young at Fireworks in southtown to watch Chris play at open mic night there.  I had been wanting to go for several weeks so tonight I tore myself away from my usual projects at home to go check it out.  It was packed when I walked in and Chris said that it was definitely busier than usual.  I squeezed into a small table in the corner to chat with him and later shared the seat with Sarah when she showed up... which quickly put my left ass check and leg to sleep... 
Chris played a couple songs when he got up that I was familiar with, then put in $5 into pot for the end of the night competition.  I was really impressed by the talent of the other artists that got up to the mic throughout the night as well, especially a dreadlocked Hawaiian dude who was passing through named Paul Isak who had an amazing voice.  When Chris got back up to play his one song in the competition Sarah and I cheered as loud as we could along with the rest of the audience in attendance.  In the end Chris won the night by beating the 2nd place person by just 0.1 decibels in the reader Ocean had held up after performances.  
Chris got up to play his mandatory song upon wining and absolutely blew everyone away with one of my favorite original acoustic songs that he wrote a few years back.  Everyone was so impressed that he was encouraged to play another song... shaking his fingers from exhaustion in between.  By the time we left it was midnight and Chris took home ~$35 which I’m sure covered his spinach-artichoke dip and beers for the night and also put him into a final competition on April 9th which Sarah and I definitely won’t miss!

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