Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day on the coast, Seafood Feast and then debauchery

This weekend the mountains were getting mostly rain except for Bend which we found out later had some of the best skiing of the year.  Emily and I didn’t want to drive to Bend so instead we picked up Scott and Danielle and headed to the coast for some whale watching during “whale week” in Oregon.  This week is the peak migration time for Grey Whales up the coast on their way to feeding grounds in Alaska for the spring.  At noon we drove to Cape Perpetua and hiked down the Whispering Spruce Trail high above the coast to look for whales but after some time searching didn’t see any.
We then decided to stop at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport where Danielle used to work.  I hadn’t been there since COAS initiation week in 2006 so it was cool to see all the updates and new exhibits.  We got to read a bit about the Oregon Sea Otters which is what our friend Eleanor Hodak had studied and saw a pretty cool lobster in a tank as well.  
We then headed into the waterfront district of Newport to buy some crabs and steamers which we found to be at a good price.  We also had a bowl of the ciaopino from the shop which was the best I had ever eaten.  From there it was off to the Chowder Bowl for the usual bowl of Slumgulion Chowder (Clam chowder with pacific shrimp on top) and a chunk of garlic bread.  Yummy!
We then returned back to Corvallis and Emily and I started heating up the pre-steamed clams with old bay and borrowed a pot from Kevin and Alexa.  Scott and Danielle showed up an hour later with garlic pasta and we had a feast of crab, pasta and steamers.  After our feast Colin and Amanda showed up as well as Mike and Jess whom we hadn’t seen in months.  Everyone brought games to play for game night.  We started playing a game called Origin’s but it wasn’t fun so switched to start another game but with past photos playing as a slide show on the PS3 in the background everyone was a bit distracted.
To get everyone back into party mode I started to deal out a game of Kings.  This of course forced everyone to drink a bit more and by 1am we were all sloshed.  It was then decided that it would be fantastic to prank my old roomate Jason and his girlfriend Jen.  We carried the Urban Iditarod cart over and placed it on the roof of her car.  The ladies then went to work attempting to put celophane over the door but to no avail.  Instead we simply blocked the door with sawhorses we found nearby while I snapped photos of the shinanigans.  In the morning we got a very funny text from them both asking us to let them out so Mckenzie could pee.  ha!  They hadn’t even noticed it until 11am.  When we had finished messing with our neighbors we then came back to the house and used Emily’s Macbook to prank call Brendan with a robotic computer voice speaking out a hilarious paragraph we had typed out for the computer to read.  I was in tears laughing at it all.  A great night! 

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