Monday, June 11, 2012

Backyard Deer

I woke up this morning to Dromi barking like crazy in the backyard.  We had been watching her while Kevin and Alexa were in Florida for her sister’s wedding and I had no I idea what could possibly be causing the dog so much distress.  To my surprise I went out back to see her nearly nose to nose with a deer through the fence separating our two back yards with the dog trembling and the deers legs splayed out to get lower to the ground and the dog.  I had to chase Dromi a bit to scoop her up because she definitely didn’t want to come back in.  I then slept for another hour and when I got up was surprised to see the deer still in the neighbors back yard.  When I let Dromi out to investigate again the deer decided it was time to leave and scampered off down the street.

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