Friday, July 27, 2012

Going Away Party

On Saturday the Commune on 25th street saw it’s final party!  Because Emily and I were moving out Kevin and Alexa also moved out to a new place a few blocks away.  This weekend was the last weekend we would be in the place so on Friday we threw a rager to say goodbye to where I had lived for 6 years and to all of our friends.  I say “goodbye” but I know that I will still see most of them weekend activities and such, but not on a daily basis and for Wed movie nights I had been.  

Not everyone was able to attend as Chris and others were up in Washington on a river with motorboats, and some co-workers were in the field etc but Carrie, Kris, Pete, Scott, Danielle, Mike, Jess, Jen, Jason, Mischa, Erin, Adam, Sarah, Amy Jo, Loomis, Chris Miwa, Cassie and Garrett all showed up for the party.  With plenty of good food, good friends, washers, fantastic beer, and a bonfire at the end of the night it was a great send off for Emily and I.

Most people brought some food to throw on the grill and Carrie even brought clams that she had dug up in Siletz Bay.  Danielle brought a full keg of porter she had brewed herself and honestly it made my top 3 beers I’ve ever had list!  I grabbed a big guy mug I took from Ruby’s and refilled it from the keg multiple times throughout the night.  As usual there were many games of Washers and as usual Scott ruled the boards.  Sarah and Adam brought me a bottle of my favorite chocolate wine and swedish fish and Jen in tears gave me a jar of black cherry jam she and Jason had made for me (our job is to use it and refill it with something we make down the road and give it back to them).  Later in the night both Jason and I asked each other to be in each other’s wedding parties as well, much to Jen’s excitement!

Later in the evening I started a fire in the backyard in our very rusty fire pit that ended up having a hole in the bottom, lighting the grass on fire!  With Garrett in attendance we of course had to burn the dry Christmas tree that was in the backyard.  He waved it around a bit above his head but only when Jen picked it up over her head did it really ignite!  Not sure who took the drunk card at this party but it may have been Mike who ended up passed out on our catch with cheeto’s and ketchup on his bare belly.  He also helped us dismantle our towel rack in the bathroom...   

It was a tremendous party and by the end of the night there were bodies all over the apartment happily passed out.  Glad to know the Commune went out with a bang rather than a wimper and surprisingly no cops showed up this time!  Emily and I will miss the commune, Kev and Alexa and especially my favorite Dromi Dog!

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