Saturday, July 14, 2012

Oregon Country Fair

This weekend Chris joined Emily and I on our first adventure to the annual Oregon Country Fair just outside of Eugene, aka the biggest hippy gathering besides Woodstock.  We had to buy tickets at Safeway before heading down to Eugene and were shocked to find that tickets were $30 a piece!  For that much money I was expecting to have my mind blown by the Country Fair... I was disappointed.  

For some, the fair is an amazing event every year.  There were literally hundreds of vendors with booths set up throughout a system of paths through the woods that seemed endless.  These of course ranged from knitted items, to pottery, to metal structures, to carved items, etc.  Very artsy scene but nothing really blew my mind and many were very similar to each other.  I feel like a lot of people at this fair scrape buy on their arts and crafts.  There were people lying around on blankets everywhere and areas were set up for free yoga, drum sessions and painting.  To each their own I guess.  They are all probably really great human beings but eventually the smell of B.O. and countless people uttering “keep it mellow dude” wore me down.  Not even the countless topless women (many of whom seemed to be high school teens) could keep me interested in the fair.  Holm got a good laugh out of my dismay as I flashed the peace sign out the window on our way out of the grounds.  Great food, boring art, bare boobs, and B.O. pretty much sums up my opinion on the fair.  Seen it once, that’s enough.

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