Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surfing with Chris and Sarah

This Saturday Chris invited Sarah, Emily and I to go Surfing with him in South Beach, Newport.  Emily didn’t have a wet suit so she waited on the beach for us with the DSLR getting some shots.  I surf about once a year so am truly terrible at it and have a horrible time getting out through the breakers to the area where you catch the waves.  The water was of course freezing off the Oregon Coast but with all the work I was doing I stayed warm.  

We stayed out in the breakers for some time and I was even able to catch a wave or two before I became too tired in my arms to continue.  Sarah had an even rougher time when she fell off her board and the fin bashed into her ankle.  It swelled up pretty quick so that was about all the surfing for her.  The quality of the waves decreased rapidly in the late morning while I watched Chris make a few last attempts before we headed home with an ice pack on Sarah’s ankle, thus completing my single surfing trip of the year... :)

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