Saturday, August 25, 2012

Visiting Cassie and John in Olympia

This past weekend Emily and I headed up north to Lacey, WA to visit John and Cassie and their newborn baby Jack who I hadn’t met yet.  We got to their place around 8pm and they had bought burgers and beer for us and had a fire pit going in their beautiful backyard.  It was great to catch up with the two of them before John is deployed to Afghanistan later this fall.  We had some great burgers and corn and sat by the fire for a long time chatting before heading to bed around 11.  In the morning Emily and I slept in while John and Cassie got up early to head for a Dog 5k run near Olympia, WA.  Em and I arrived at the race just after John had finished (in 2nd place) and it took us a while to realize we missed him.  We found Cassie eventually who said she had bailed after a quarter mile due to Jack screaming.  It was really fun to watch everyone cross the finish line with everyone cheering, which thoroughly confused all the dogs running with their owners.  

After Cassie won a free haircut in a raffle and John got his dog prizes for 2nd place we headed to Olympia to grab a sandwich at Wagner’s European Bakery in downtown Olympia.  Sandwich was ok but it took forever for the young girls to make them for us and I saw them mess up several orders in the process.  We took our food down to a park on the waterfront where Cassie and John convinced Emily and I that we need to get a pair of dogs ASAP.  There was a legalize marijuana concert going on nearby and I joked to a passing cop on a bike that there may be drugs in the area...
We then walked past the marina to the Saturday Market on the waterfront.  It was a covered market that was comparable to the size of the one in Corvallis that we are used to.  We noticed many beautiful flower arrangements and wondered if we could just buy a bunch from a market for our wedding instead of paying a ton of money for a professional florist.  Jack was extremely well behaved the entire time we were out and about.  It was only when we got back to their place to fill up our water bottles for our hikes that he started to really cry... in Emily’s arms... Good sign it was time for us to head out to Mt. Rainier.  It was a great visit with them and we hope to see them again soon as we are so close to them now.

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