Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fishing from Depoe Bay with Scott & Friends

This weekend I headed down to Corvallis on Friday night after picking my amazing iPhone 5 to spend the night at Scott and Danielle’s before going deep sea fishing with Scott and the boys on Saturday morning.  Emily was already in Corvallis for her job so I took the truck down with our bikes in the back in case we wanted to hit up MacDunn on Sunday.  I didn’t make it to their place until around 10pm after updating my new phone.  When I got there I was introduced to their friends Rob and Andrew and was given a mug of Danielle’s amazing homemade porter!  Barely able to keep my eyes open Emily and I hit the sack around 11:30pm because I would have to get up at 4:45 in the morning for the fishing trip out of Depoe Bay.

Jason met up with Andrew, Scott, Rob and I for the drive to Depoe Bay in Scott’s car for our 6:30 departure.  Rob was a bit slow casually drinking his coffee and having a smoke which led to me dubbing him Rob the slow loris.  Scott had to usher him out the door to get us going.  After stopping at McDonalds on the way (of course they go our order wrong) we arrived at the docks of Depoe Bay just behind Colin, Kevin, Mischa, and Loomis.  Tim was also there after driving down from Oceanside.  We all bought our fishing and crabbing licenses (8 pots total) and we headed out of the bay with Captain Kenny at the helm.  

We dropped pots and headed north up the coast for some rock fish.  Unlike at Tim’s bachelor party fishing trip we had incredible luck!  Almost as soon as we dropped our lines we started hitting fish, and they were big ones.  Mischa snagged a double on his line right off the bat and I quickly caught a huge rockfish shortly after.  This continued all morning as we and another of the fishing company’s boats competed with each other for the biggest fish in the area.  I had brought a cooler of beer with me and was happily sharing them with friends on the boat.  Nothing like a day of drinking that starts at 7am!  Jason also had a big loaf of banana bread and of course Colin had jerky with Tim also supplying some homemade smoked salmon he had cought.

We were allowed to catch 7 rockfish and 2 Lean Cod each and 12 crabs for each fishing license.  I ended up catching two huge Rock Fish and two massive Lean Cod as well.  I thought I was the friggin’ man on the boat until one of the two other people on the boat not in our group caught a Lean Cod that made mine look like bait fish!  The thing weighed in at 41 pounds (5+ of which was a recently swallowed lean cod in it’s belly we found out later).  The thing was the biggest Lean Cod the mates on the boat had seen that season.  Jason also landed one of the biggest Canarie Rock Fish we had ever seen, probably well over 100 years old.  

Unfortunately for the orange canarie fish they look too much like yellowfin rockfish which are endangered so we couldn’t keep them,  This didn’t make any sense to me because when we brought them up their swim bladders were blown out of their mouth and their eyes were bulging from the rapid change of pressure.  Even when we threw them back we all knew they would die floating on the surface with gulls eating them alive.  It was too bad because they would have tasted just as good as all the other rockfish we were able to keep.  

Almost everyone in our group caught at least 5 rockfish and many of us pulled up two fish at a time on our lines!  Both my lean cod were caught with small rockfish in their mouths they wouldn’t let go of on the way to the surface.  I ended up breaking my line twice but thankfully there was a deckhand nearby to scoop up my loose fish with a big net each time!  

On the way back in we had our fingers crossed when we began pulling up our crab pots.  To our amazement the first pot was absolutely packed with crabs and the next 7 were equally full.  Jason, Tim, Mischa etc took turns pulling up the pots while I got some video.  We sorted out the females and threw back the few that were too small and jammed them into plastic bins.  There were a couple that were brought up that were absolutely huge!  From there it was a pleasant ride back to Depoe Bay in calm seas and under a warm sun.

Back at the dock we all pooled our cash together to have the fish cleaned and filled for us and the crabs steamed with Old Bay.  It took a pretty long time for them to get through all of our fish.  We thanked Kenny for such a great trip and left him tips before heading back to Corvallis with our massive take!  Back in town we spent the rest of the afternoon watching football and gorging on crab and fish at Scott and Danielle’s who hosted a party for us.  All the girls were at fall festival in the morning but came over in the afternoon along with BD and Holm as well.  Scott had taped the Beaver game so we were able to watch them win which just made the day even better.  

Later in the night after much drink some of us wandered over to the neighbor’s house who were having a party to check out what undergrad parties are like these days.  To our disappointment and shock we found the kids playing beer pong with water in their cups and sipping their beers with the explanation that “everyone is doing it this way, it’s more sanitary”.  OMG, if I had ever said such a thing in College I would have been laughed out of the party or tied up and forced to chug.  What has this world come to?  Less than a year ago Scooter and I were playing with bourbon!  ha!  

Thanks to Danielle and Scott for organizing a great fishing trip and hosting us for the weekend.  Before we left town we headed over to Amy Jo and Loomis’ place for brunch on Sunday morning and were introduced to their massive wolf-dog Monk who seemed to be a giant white version of Dromi actually.  Seriously, if he had stood on his back legs he would have been taller than me, or maybe even Scott!  Em and I got to catch up with nearly everyone in Corvallis while we were there and it felt really good to see all of our close friends again!

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