Saturday, September 15, 2012

Timbers vs. Sounders with the Riggotts

This weekend Emily’s parents were in town to help us out with some early wedding planning and surely to check out the venu we had picked.  Both Emily and I think they were a little nervous about how a wedding would be in Oregon so they wanted to check out the place themselves and help us out with suggestions on caterers.  Emily was traveling for work and didn’t get home until Friday afternoon.  I took Friday off of work because I was tired and work was slow at the time.  Emily’s parents got in Thurs night but hung out in Portland on Friday until Emily and I met them at Beaches on the Columbia for a nice dinner.

On Saturday we headed into Portland and caught the Timbers vs. Sounders game which was one of the biggest of the season as they are rival teams in the Northwest.  I had never been to an MLS game before but Emily’s parents assured me it was wilder than any soccer game they had seen on the East Coast.  The Timbers Army are simply nuts with their game chants and cheering non-stop throughout the entire game.  We ended up tying the Sounders which was pretty good because the Timbers aren’t that good this year.  

After the game we walked around downtown a bit and got some beers at Kelly’s which Emily’s dad just loves.  I was surprised to see Courtney from Ruby Tuesday’s working as a waitress there.  That’s a heck of a great job to work at if you are a waitress in Portland!  Good for her, and she bought us a beer!  We then headed back to Ridgefield for dinner and to relax with a movie for the night.

On Sunday we headed out early in the morning to Hood River to meet up with a really nice girl who owns a catering business with her husband.  She was super helpful, answering all of our wedding questions even if they didn’t necessarily have anything to do with her catering.  I liked her a lot and would be perfectly happy going with her as our caterer but I know Emily wants to look around a little bit more as well to make sure she is the right choice.  We spent a good 2 hours with her at a coffee shop downtown before heading up to Gorge Crest Vineyards so Emily’s parents could see the venu.  Both of us were very happy to see how happy her parents were with our choice.  They thought it was amazing and I could see how excited they both were about the options the place provides for us, along with the view which unfortunately was super hazy due to fires nearby this time of year.  Thankfully, our wedding is in July so hopefully there won’t be any forest fires at that time.  

After visiting the venu we spent the rest of the afternoon in Hood River walking around and checking out all the places our guests could see.  We stopped in at the Best Western to check out the rooms and also at the Hood River Hotel which Emily’s mom didn’t seem to like that much but her dad loved.  He also loved the fly fishing shop in town which gave him a bunch of business cards to call and book trips for next summer on the Deschutes River.  We stopped for EXTENSIVE wine tastings at the two caterers that Gorge Crest works with and Emily bought a bunch of bottles to take home and try with friends as well to make sure we pick the right ones.   

At around 6pm when everything seemed to be closing up we left and headed to McMenamins Edgefield for some dinner there and to show her dad the grounds there.  We went inside and pretended that we were planning a wedding there to get some room keys to show her dad the place.  Her mom didn’t like it because of the shared bathrooms and history of the place but her dad thought it was awesome.  We had dinner at the Powerhouse Restaurant there and I noticed that it was the same Irish weekend that we were there last year for Tim and Lindsay’s wedding!  

By the time we got home it was pretty late and we noticed that her dad wasn’t feeling too good.  Both of us had to work on Monday and when we got home were sad to see her dad wasn’t much better.  They had been able to take a drive out to Seaside though and out around Astoria.  On Tuesday they stayed in the Ridgefield area and went shopping for us buying us a Keurig coffee maker and bed topper for our pull out couch!  Hooray!  Her dad was still in pretty rough shape and went to bed early after barely eating anything for dinner.  Emily had to travel to Corvallis on Wednesday and I was happier to see when I got home from work that her dad was feeling a little bit better before their fight home that night.  I urged them to stay another day to make sure but they ended up heading out anyway.  It was great to have them visit us again and I think we all felt a lot better about the wedding plans after their visit.  

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