Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beaver Home Game with Friends

Emily and I had a big night on Friday with Holm for his birthday.  We wanted to do something for him and he conveniently was headed to Portland for an amateur Kayaking Film Festival at the Melody Ballroom.  After all of us fighting traffic and a few drinks for me at Valentines we met Holm at the East Bank Saloon and bought him some birthday dinner.  The Kayaking Film Festival was pretty good despite the very hoppy beer they were serving.  The films were full of action and lots of bail outs to good music and we saw several of our friends in the films including Ben Sigler and Carl.  Later that night we continued with a few more drinks at C-Bar with Holm and a few girls he knew and despite Em and I wanting him to stay in a warm bed at our place on his birthday he ended up on a couch I think at a friends in Portland... at 3am... and was still able to wake up early to go kayaking the next day.  He’s an animal.

On Saturday Em and I fought the game day traffic of both a Duck and Beaver Home game.  It took us about 3 hours to drive from Ridgefield to Corvallis and as soon as we got to Colin’s house he had bikes ready for us to head over to the tailgate.  Doug’s father had unfortunately passed recently so we weren’t able to see him but Kevin and some of the Fisherie’s crew had a small party going and eventually Garrett, Miwa, Amy Jo and Loomis showed up to join in the fun.  Shiloh showed up about an hour before kickoff in a pretty bad state and friends had to help sneak him into the game... a miracle he got in.  

It had been raining off and on during the day and was supposed to clear up Sat night a bit... Nope.  By half time the Beavers were thankfully crushing CAL and it was announced over the speakers that the Ducks had suffered an overtime loss which put the whole crowd into a frenzy and psyched the Beavs on the field up as they started jumping around when they heard the news.  By half time I think we had doubled CAL’s score and the skies had opened up to a steady downpour of rain.  Em and I were super happy to have our full Gore-Tex outfits on as we peddled our bikes with Kevin and Colin over to Squirrels to continue the night.  Rema was working the bar and showed us a good time and even brought me up some deviled eggs!  Man, do I miss Corvallis.  By 2am we were feeling a bit tired and tipsy so we decided to leave, ignoring Kevin’s pleads with us to head to the Peacock and followed Colin on a spirit quest bike ride through back roads and trails to his house for the night. 

On Sunday we had a great breakfast with Colin and Amanda who looked very healthy and happy in her pregnant state and Danielle and Scott stopped by to watch some Sunday morning football with us.   Both Colin and I were nursing a bit of a hangover from the game and Squirrels.  After football ended we headed over to Kevin and Alexa’s so I could see their new place and tussle with Dromi who I hadn’t seen in over 4 months and who was a bit chunky due to all the treats she got from doggy obedience school she had just graduated from.  We didn’t stay long as they were planning to stay with us Tuesday night before their flight to Georgia anyway, then it was back to Ridgefield to continue our never ending wedding planning....

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