Thursday, December 27, 2012

Introducing Leo The Dog!

Well, after years of saying that we were looking for a Dog, Emily and I ended up with what appears to be the perfect dog without even looking at all!  Leo (Emily named him) was found running down the side of the road near Longview, Washington by a co-worker of Emily.  He had no tags, no chip but when presented with an open car door jumped in and was very friendly.  Emily came home from work one day and showed me a video of Leo and asked if we wanted to watch him for a weekend to try him out.  I thought he looked cute enough so agreed and she came home with him on Thursday, November 29th after we had our Thanksgiving in Sunriver.  

I hadn’t mentioned him until now in my blog or on Facebook because we were not sure we were going to keep him or not.  At first glance he appears pretty old and the first night we had him he wanted to hump my leg with more urgency than I’ve ever seen in a dog.... eventually he just ended up humping himself if you know what I mean... yeah gross... He also pee’d on our curtain which I had to wash so he was not off to a good start.  We had a crate for him but on Friday when we went to work I left him out and put away all chewable objects and cords and gave him a stern warning to behave.  To our amazement when we got home on Friday he had been perfect and didn’t want to hump anything.  Over that first weekend we discovered he had fleas and took him to PetCo to get $$$ medicine and toys as well as a walk in a nearby park.  After the walk he seemed to have a limp which further made me worry about his age.  

Over the next two weeks the fleas went away and he seemed to be itching a lot less.  We were still sure that someone would call to claim him as Emily’s co-worker had called all the vets, shelters, put up telephone photos for miles and both of us had posted to Craigslist about the missing dog.  We hadn’t even chosen a name for him by the time we left for Christmas for the East Coast and left him with Holm to take care of while we were gone.  To our dismay Holm quickly discovered that he had worms in his stool which made us worry about him over the holiday.  The poor dog probably didn’t know who was his owner at this point in life.   Over the holiday I made an appointment at Mountain View Veterinary right next to the Park and Ride I use to get to work for the morning after we got back from Connecticut.  

Over the holiday Emily had convinced me to keep Leo as his name so on the 27th of December became his official birthday according to the Vet.  Dr. Corbett was amazed at how well behaved Leo was even when taking his temperature rectally.  He sat patiently while he was examined and Chris had provided a stool sample for analysis about the worms.  She gave him medication for the worms and we found out the next day he also had a parasite that would be taken care of with the medicine.  Poor dog was worse off than we thought when we found him.  He was well behaved with other dogs that passed by at the Vet and he kept close to me the whole time.  The best news we got from the visit was that the vet thought from examining his teeth that he couldn’t be older than 2 years old!  She noticed, as Emily and I did, that he might have a slight limp in his back leg which she will look at when he is neutered (yup, he has his manhood still) and has a chip implant on the 18th of January.  Both checks that we got for Christmas from my mom went directly to the vet bill so essentially we can thank her for giving us a dog for Christmas as well!

So, it’s been a few weeks since Christmas and we’ve settled back in at home with Leo with us.  He hasn’t made a single mistake in the house and he’s proven himself a capable dog outdoors and with other animals.  He knows to sit, come on command the first time and even shake paws.  He doesn’t bother us when we eat and he isn’t overly needy of attention.  He doesn’t wine, or bark and doesn’t even wake us up in the morning.  He stays close by us at all times lying next to the bed or under our feet on the couch and he is great on leash.  The only thing that worries us even a little is that he doesn’t understand the danger of the road.... but we are working on that.  Oh, and he sheds quite a bit right now.  Otherwise, Leo has seriously proven to be the dog we have dreamed of! 

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