Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Riggott Family Christmas

Emily and I headed to the East Coast for 8 days to spend time with her family and my mom who came down for the holiday as well.  I say “East Coast” instead of “home” because it plays a big part of what ensued over the holidays.... Neither of us were expecting to get home and get grief from our parents about our choice of having our wedding on the West Coast.  This surprise upset us both over the holiday but thankfully we were able to resolve it with a long discussion with both our parents the day after Christmas, explaining to them that the Northwest is now where we call “home”.  

It was an awkward trip for me in several ways that I won’t go into within this blog, accept to say that I was thoroughly surprised by what transpired.  In the middle of the holiday I went about 40 hours without sleep because I was so upset about what had occurred.  Thankfully, like our wedding location debate, things were resolved at the end and I felt a bit better, but also won’t easily forget what happened.  

During the trip we got to see the Hobbit again with Emily’s Family and got to see all her relatives which was really great.  On Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner at Jen and Nick’s amazing new house and we ate really well over the holiday in general with an amazing dinner by Emily’s mom on Christmas.  As for gifts, the family kept it low key this year because of tight expenses for everyone.  We did an elephant gift exchange and we ended up with a basket of goodies that I left in the house to share and Emily got a shaker for drinks.  

Everyone wanted to hear about our wedding plans and many seemed genuinely excited for the trip including Chris and Julia who plan on flying into Seattle and making a vacation out of it.  People were also excited to hear about our new dog (see next post) who we had left with Chris to take care of while we were away.  We were able to fly out of Windsor Locks on Wednesday night just hours before a big snowstorm hit the East Coast and it was a pleasant flight back through Minnesota (whose airport is amazing and filled with free iPads) back to Portland.

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