Friday, December 14, 2012

WSI Holiday Party

Tonight was the WSI Holiday Party at Holocene in Portland.  The Corvallis Crew got a bus up the city for the evening but many people simply stayed with Portland friends.  Kevin and Alexa crashed at our place.  The Portland Office had an “ugly sweater day” at work and there was plenty of good drinks in the office in the afternoon before the party.  I helped myself to some great baileys in my coffee and then in a my coffee mug with ice before I walked over the bridge to the venu.  I got a bit lost on the way there but David found me and showed me the entrance.  

At first the party was very quiet but then everyone got into the swing of things with great food and a full open bar.  Matt had created a great animated movie about how the company has grown over the years that everyone seemed to enjoy.  Russ seemed to be along for the ride with that part of the night.  After many delicious drinks a certain person staying us didn’t feel so well and we ended up leaving just as the dance party began and the venu opened the doors to the public.  This was probably a really good thing as I had reached the point of no return taking shots at the bar with Eric, Tom and Anna.  It was a great time and I certainly paid for it the next day when we met up with Jason, Jenn, Scott and Danielle to watch the Hobbit in 3D for Jason’s birthday... 

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