Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Leo at Oswald West State Park

After being couped up in the car all the previous night we wanted to make it up to Leo by taking him to the beach to romp around for a bit on our drive back home.  After a great breakfast of crab bisque that Megan and Lindsay had made Kevin suggested we check out Oswald West on our way out.  It took some driving up north from Oceanside to get to the park but it was well worth it.  I don’t think Leo had been to the ocean before as he was confused upon licking the water and was definitely scared of the sea foam in the waves.  With some encouragement he followed me out with the waves and then ran back with me when they came crashing in.  

We hesitated taking him off leash but then decided to give it a go and were happily surprised that he both played well with the other dogs on the beach and came back to us on first call every time.  We also found out that he occasionally likes to chase sticks and bring them back to us.  He was certainly concerned more with where we were than the other dogs on the beach which was also a plus.  This dog just seems to get better and better with everything we test him with.

Instead of heading back across the coast range we decided to head north to Astoria to check out the Goonie house and head over the very cool bridge there.  Emily hadn’t been to Astoria yet so it was new to her.  Over the bridge we had a great view back towards Astoria with Saddle Mountain looming over it.  We had no idea how prevalent Saddle Mountain was in the view from Astoria.  If it had been better weather when we climbed it last December we would have had spectacular views.  The Goonie house wasn’t anything to write home about so we didn’t even get out of the car.  We followed the Columbia back from Astoria and I got to briefly see the lights of Emily’s mill in the darkness as we passed by it on the same route she takes home every day.... it is definitely a long commute for her.

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