Sunday, February 17, 2013

Harlem Shake Cocktail Party

This Sunday after skiing with at Timberline and taking Leo down his first descent of Alpine Trail to Government Camp Emily and I got dressed up a bit and headed into Portland to attend Anna’s cocktail party.  We didn’t know what to expect so I picked up stuff to make mojitos and a bottle of Jack Daniels Honey.  Ryan was there and of course made some amazing food (pulled-pork sandwiches) and there was plenty of other snacks to go around.  I contributed some pound cakes and set to work on the mojitos as soon as we go there.  

After just a couple hours there the booze was being consumed very quickly and people got a dance party together.  Anna then decided that we all had to film a (Harlem Shake - youtube it) so I set up my iPhone 5 on the fireplace and we put a helmet on Arley to start it off.  After several drunken takes I figured we had enough film and the party continued.  I’m a bit blurry after the Harlem shake but I know that at some point Em decided to be the DD and I began taking Eric, Katie and some other friends out to the Prius to get refills from the Jack Daniels.  Then someone showed up with liters of coke for the Captain Morgans and that is about the last thing I remember.  Emily says I was really funny and good natured despite my giggling sleep walking all night but Monday at work was dreadful.... I’m definitely on a cleanz now.  If you want to see the Harlem Shake we created check it out in the videos I have posted to Facebook.  

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