Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Holm Opening at Bomb's for the Farm Stand String Band

Tonight I drove all the way down to Corvallis directly from work to see my Best Man open for the popular Farm Stand String Band at Bombs Away Cafe across from the OSU campus.  Jason joined me as well as Kevin and Alexa.  This was great as none of them had really seen Holm play before and I enjoyed their shocked reaction as Chris rocked out three different types of stringed instruments and blew them away with his guitar skills.  He clearly is very talented.  Near the end of his unusually long set a member of the main act joined him with her washboard on stage.  Her voice complimented his deeper voice amazingly and I hope to hear them play again together some other time.  After the set Holm hung out with his new lady Paris and his childhood friend who had driven down from Portland as well to see the set.  I had a couple more beers, said hi to Paris, then headed over to Danielle and Scotts to hang out with her, the animals and Layne until Scott got home.  I had already dropped off some popsicles for her before heading to Bombs as she wasn’t feeling well so I thought I’d go visit before heading home.  I left there place around 10:30pm and was in bed just after midnight making it a very long weeknight for me but well worth the drive.

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