Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ian Roth's 30th Birthday Camp Out at Smith

After leaving Hartz’s place we drove out to Smith Rock and had a fun time trying to follow the “tin foil path” laid out by Nicole Younger to find the camp spot far up on a forest road never intended for Prius to travel.  When we finally did find the group it was after 10pm and everyone was pretty lit.  We let Leo off leash and he ran around with the other dogs.  We didn’t realize the whole area was surrounded by barbed wire and poor Leo in the dark didn’t either, getting himself a little cut up in the legs and a chunk of fur out of his nose (nothing too severe though).  It was nice to catch up with Kalin, Kelly Rice, Cristina, Ian, Coleen, Forest, and others whom we hadn’t seen in a very long time.  Ian was destroyed and I hope he remembered us making it out there!  

Nicole was kind enough to let us crash with her in her massive elk tent/lodge complete with a warm stove and table.  Leo actually ended up curling up next to her on her inflatable mattress for the night (bleeding on it a little too which we felt real bad about).  In the morning we didn’t stick around too long and headed out to take Leo for a hike at Smith Rock because he had been left in Aaron’s house all day on Saturday.

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