Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smith Rock with Leo

After leaving Ian’s 30th birthday camp out we took Leo for a leisurely stroll through the famous Smith Rock climbing area.  It was a beautiful day and there were climbers everywhere and geese flying all about the river that winds through it.  I took the Nikon with the long lens and tried to capture as many unique shots of the various climbers and birds that I could.  Leo enjoyed the sunshine and I think forgot about his minor wounds from the night before.  

To my surprise I learned about a whole network of amazing mountain bike trails in the area that we want to check out next time we come over the pass.  While we were hiking along a group of mountain bikers passed us who looked like they were having an amazing time.  Although Smith is known as one of the premiere rock climbing locations in the world, I would definitely prefer to bike fast around it then slowly and painfully climb  the walls within it, but most of my climbing friends would call me crazy upon hearing that!  We didn’t stay too long and headed back to Washington to catch an early showing of the movie Oblivian which turned out to be an amazing film!

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