Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wahclellah & Wahkeena Falls with Leo & Eric

On Sunday Eric joined Emily and I for a two very rainy hikes in the lush Columbia Gorge.  We drove home in the morning from Corvallis and was able to pick Eric up around noon to head first to Wahclellah Falls which I had not hiked before.  On the way we stopped at the Bonneville Dam Hatchery to check out trout, salmon and some giant sturgeon that dwarfed Emily looking at them through the pond window.  

The hike to Wahclellah Falls is just a few miles but definitely worth it and I think I may add it to the wedding list of easy things to do.  Because it was raining it the steep walls of the gorge we hiked into were covered with numerous waterfalls.  Leo was a bit nervous at first on a few bridge crossings but then he seemed to relax a bit and enjoy the views as we did.  

It didn’t take us long to reach Wahclellah Falls where we turned around.  Leo explored all around the falls but we kept him on leash as the rocks were slippery and the water was fast.  He even got to explore a pretty deep cave set into the steep cliffside with Emily who ventured to it’s very end with a head lamp.  

After Wahclellah we headed west in a pouring rain to the Wahkeena - Multnomah Falls loop hike I had done about 5 years ago.  This hike was a bit longer and because Leo’s feet were still healing a bit we put his new booties on.  Of course he didn’t like this at first and was high-steppin’ it everywhere.  We had a great hike up into the gorge and the rain held off partially for the ascent.  We checked out the Wahkeena Springs that the water for the falls bubbles up from and continued on at about 2,000 feet towards the upper Multnomah River.  

I was surprised to pass by several huge waterfalls in the upper canyon that I had completely forgot about.  Eventually, we came to the top of Multnomah Falls were it tumbles over the massive cliff to the base.  Em and I found out Eric isn’t a big fan of heights so he retreated back up the trail with Em as Leo and I stuck our heads out over the edge to check it out.  He’s definitely like me.  

After the switchbacked descent and hike back along the road to the car at Wahkeena Falls we headed into Troutdale for some amazing Sushi at the same spot Scott, Danielle, Jason, Jenn, Em and I had stopped at a few years ago after our hike.  We didn’t get as much food this time but we were still thoroughly stuffed when we left.  Despite the rainy weather it was an amazing day in the gorge and I got some great photos of all the water.

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