Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zombie Jesus Day & Meeting Ruby Cooper

On Saturday after Emily and I met with a possible florist and picked up some treats and dog booties for Leo, we headed south to Corvallis to enjoy the 3rd annual Zombie Jesus Day party at Kevin and Alexa’s.  Nobody we know out here is at all religious so no one ever takes offense to the funny named party.  Emily had made my mom’s lemon squares the night before and we picked up some other snacks as well for the party.  Tim cooked up an amazing Ham and there was a huge assortment of pastries.  I thoroughly stuffed myself!  

Garrett had dressed up just like Ron Burgandy for some reason and Colin and Amanda had brought Ruby over so the dogs were to stay outback in the yard while they visited.  I was super excited to finally meet the little Ruby Relaxer and both Emily and I got to hold her for a while as she smiled up at us.  Later in the afternoon the party turned to drinking and Alexa brought out her shotski she bought in Bend with Emily the weekend before.  I did a shot of the ham juice... hehe.  It was a great party as usual although we never did repeat the 20+ bottles of champagne from the first year.   We found out that Kev and Lex are pregnant though so we hope that there will be another Zombie Jesus Day party for us next year where we can try to break the champagne record set 3 years ago when we all lived next to each other.

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