Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tessa's Going Away Party and Daughter at the Doug Fir

Tonight Em and I went over to Arley’s new house for a going away party for Tessa as she is headed off to New York City for school.  It was a 20’s dress up party and Arley looked like Amelia Arehart.  Em and I didn’t stay too long as we were pretty tired from the week.  It was a fun party and I heard that Eric and Ryan had a pretty long night there. 

On Saturday Emily and I got tickets from Anna Li to go see Daughter play at the Doug Fir lounge.  I hadn’t heard of them until we were invited but after listening to them on Spotify I really liked them so we decided to go.  We met up at Burnside Brewing beforehand and I took it upon myself to get pretty tore up.  From what I remember of the concert it was really good.  :)

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