Saturday, June 8, 2013

Emily's 30th Birthday Float and BBQ in Corvallis

This weekend Emily and I headed down to Corvallis on Saturday for a BBQ at Danielle and Scotts with all our Corvallis friends to once again celebrate Emily’s upcoming 30th birthday.  Alexa and Kevin had suggested a float down the Willamette River with their paddle boards so all of us scrambled to find boats for an early afternoon float.  Emily and I had to pick up over 200 boxes from a co-worker at a Burger King beforehand so we weren’t able to make it to the launch at Michael’s Landing until about 1:45-2pm which left us with a late start on the river.

Mischa showed up with his new raft, Jason and Jen with their canoe, and Danielle and Scott in their canoe.  Kevin and Alexa of course had their paddle boards.  Thankfully, Jason had thought enough to bring a couple extra life jackets for Emily and I.  We didn’t need them but legally we had to have them with us.  At first I jumped on Mischa’s new raft with him but it quickly became apparent the Leo wanted his dad in the same canoe as him so I traded with Danielle.  This worked out great as I’m sure Mischa wanted Danny more than I and Leo calmed down immediately as soon as I got in with him which meant less rocking of the canoe.  

We had a very sunny float down the river over the next 3 hours with a few pee stops for Leo along the way.  When Alexa took off her shirt you could really see her baby bump progressing.  They still don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl but they seem to referring to the baby more as “him” than her, which is odd considering Alexa comes from a long line of girls in her family.  We also saw a lot of wildlife including several Great Blue Herons, many Osprey and even a juvenile Bald Eagle which Kevin unconvincingly told us was some sort of hawk.  At the takeout in Albany I got a ride back with Alexa to pick up Mischa’s car for him while he collapsed his boat and we all took off for home to get ready for the BBQ.

The BBQ was a lot of fun with a pretty good showing of all our friends.  Jason, Jenn, Danielle, Scott, Amanda, Ruby and Colin, Mischa, Amy Jo, Loomis, Kevin & Alexa, BD, several of Danielle’s friends from work and Lee who is one of Jason’s groomsmen.  I stuffed myself eating a ton of food and drinking the remainder of a rum/oj/pineapple mix Emily had made, continuously diluting it to make sure Emily stayed up for the night at her own party.  Loomis taught us all how to play a new game involving knocking blocks over with a stick and we unfortunately saw the Beavers lose their first game in the World Series of baseball play offs.  Emily crashed around midnight but I, Loomis, Amy Jo, Kevin, Scott and Colin lasted several games of Asshole and then the start of a game of Kings until I began to fall asleep in on the couch and Scott irish-exited.

In the morning we weren’t in as bad of shape as the house which everyone helped to clean up as they could.  I needed to sleep in a little big longer than the others though as I was exhausted.  We managed to get things under control enough to meet Sarah and Adam for brunch at Les Caves, a new brewery and restaurant in Corvallis that everyone is raving about and has 5 stars on Yelp.  It was delicious and we really liked the place.  It was great to see Adam and Sarah again after such a long time as well.  They said they hadn’t seen Holm in a long time either.  After brunch we headed back to Ridgefield for the afternoon for some more wedding planning as usual and grocery shopping.

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