Sunday, June 2, 2013

Siouxon Creek Attempted Ride

On Friday night Emily and I went out for drinks with friends at Vendetta and the Florida Room to celebrate Emily’s 30th birthday a week early with Portland friends who wouldn’t be around the weekend before her birthday.  Al, Slaughter, Jason, Arley, Katie, Eric, Matt and his lady, Conrad and Elise, and Ryan all showed up to show Emily a good time.  We finished the night at the Florida Room playing pool in the back before crashing at Eric’s for the night.  This left us a bit sore on Saturday so we just spent the day getting wedding stuff done and wrapping up our ceremony to send to Sandy.

On Sunday I was itching to get out of the house so I looked up a fun easy trail just out of Cougar Washington called Siouxon Creek, packed up my bike and headed out for some fast mountain biking with Emily staying home to work on the wedding more.  I ended up taking the trailhead at higher elevation and having an amazing descent for about a mile down to the creek level.  Unfortunately, I knew I would have to climb back up this whole section as the ride was an out and back.  After about 3 miles I found myself passing what was clearly the main trailhead and started to see many more people on the trail, most walking dogs.  I also saw some amazing campgrounds that would be fun to bring Leo to in the fall when it’s less busy there.  

I was having a great time and the trail was super fast and smooth with easy rolling ups and downs and few roots.  The scenery along the river was amazing as well.  I got a little over a mile from the main trailhead and got a flat on my back tire on a fast descent over some rocks.... and I had forgotten to bring a tube... yeah, I’m an idiot.  So, I had to walk back to the main trailhead and hopefully bum a ride with some hikers.   Boy did I choose the wrong car.  I ended up getting a ride with a family in a big SUV that had just lost a big golden retriever who had gone over a waterfall while swimming above it deep into the creek where it couldn’t be carried out.... Everyone was pretty sad and I felt like and idiot in a car of mourning dog lovers!  The only upside is that one of their smaller dogs (that apparently barks and nips at strangers) was oddly sitting on my lap and staring me in the face as I rubbed its cheeks.  The whole family was amazed that the dog was not only apparently loving me but also curled up on my lap... It didn’t take long to get back to my truck where I then drove back down the road to grab my bike and head home.  It was my favorite trail since Larrison Rock in Oakridge and I’ll definitely be back... with a couple spare tubes.

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