Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thorns vs. Kansas City

Once again Emily’s boss was kind enough to give Emily and I his season ticket seats at a Thorns game.  This time it was against Kansas City and I had brought my long lens for some up close pics of the action, especially my soccer crush Alex Morgan, who arguably may be the best women’s soccer player in the country at the moment.   

I had gone to the dentist for a “deep cleaning” after 8 years of absence at 3pm where they numbed both sides of my mouth with over 12 shots of anesthetic before beginning.  The appointment took 2 full hours and left me completely numb to the point that I thought I was drooling at work.  I couldn’t respond to anyone at work and I was super bummed that I was going to mute at the game and possibly not even able to eat some food cart dinner before the game.  Thankfully, the drugs wore off about half an hour before the 7:30pm game allowing me to eat (and taste) some great Hawaiian Grill food before heading up to the stadium.

The game turned out to be a really high scoring one with the Thorns just hanging on with a 4-3 lead at the end.  We took a commanding lead in the first half but then Kansas City rallied back in the second.  Alex Morgan got two of our goals and I was hoping for a hat trick from her again like she did in the US vs. Ireland Game we went to in December but it was not to be.  Unlike the last game Emily and I watched in the same seats she was playing angry, and physical.  She got taken out quite a few times and was triple to octet (is that a word?) guarded the entire match.  Perhaps the extra coverage pissed her off because at one point when falling she actually grabbed the other girl and flung her to the ground next to her.... and got a well deserved yellow card for it.  

The Thorns barely hung on in the last minutes despite a couple shots on goal by Kansas City for the win.  Emily and I didn’t stick around for the team as they walked around the field after.  

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