Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thorns vs. Seattle Reign

Once again Emily scored us her bosses season tickets for a thorns game.  This time they were facing the Seattle Reign who thankfully were in last place in the league as were missing Alex Morgan and several others to the Women’s National Team Game that was in Massachusetts the day before.  The women played well though and were able to defeat the Reign 2-0 after a slow start in the first half.  

Emily and I then headed over to Anna Li’s for a BBQ in her backyard where we fed her sick Mr. Hugo lots of sausages and meat.  Erin, Ryan, and Eric also showed up and we chatted about the Tough Mudder the day before.  We weren’t able to stay long as we needed to get to Cinetopia for Superman at 7pm which turned out to be an eye seizure of a movie but amazing.

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